About Scott

Scott Beason is a man driven by his faith, his sincere love for his family, and a deep commitment to conservative principles. With our country going further and further into debt, our values under constant assault, and our constitutional rights serving as a mere punch line in Washington, Scott believes that it is his duty to stand on Alabama values and carry bold conservative leadership to Washington.  A war is going on for the heart and soul of America, and we must elect someone we know will fight the fight, not go along to get along.

Alabama’s foremost conservative champion in the legislature for over a decade, Scott Beason has a track record we can trust. First elected as a State Representative in 1998, he was consistently recognized as the most conservative member of the House. As an Alabama State Representative, Scott established a clear conservative track record, even being one of the few to have the courage to buck the Establishment within his own party and oppose “Amendment One”, an attempt to pass the largest tax increase in state history.

In 2006, Scott was elected to the 17th District of the Alabama State Senate. As a State Senator, Scott continues to stand up for conservative principles and ideals like smaller government and lower taxes.  He was referred to in a national paper as a “tax hawk” for his fight against tax increases.

An uncompromising conservative, Scott is often the top target of attacks from the left-wing media. However, he never faced stronger opposition than when he was the leading author of the most comprehensive Illegal Immigration law in the United States. Despite this fierce opposition, Scott never wavered, and, due to his leadership, Alabama passed this landmark legislation.

Scott has been the tip of the spear on Alabama’s drive to preserve and restore the erosion of our Second Amendment rights, by passing the “Omnibus Gun Bill” of 2013.

Moreover, Scott has also been a leader in fighting political corruption, which caused several key players to plead guilty in the Alabama bingo scandal.

While other elected officials burn out over time, Scott still fights for us with the same zeal, even after 16 years in office.

Scott and his wife Lori live in Gardendale with their three children: Keller, Merritt, and McCalan, and attend Gardendale’s First Baptist Church.