ScottBeason.com is a place where conservative ideals and political commentary come together so that readers of the site and listeners to the various outlets of Scott Beason Media are able to sift through the most important or interesting bits of today’s news stories or historical facts.  There is so much information and news available to us everyday.  Some of it is true.  Some is “fake”.  Some is purposeful half truth, and some of it is completely made up.  Our hope is that ScottBeason .com will help you separate the truth from the lies quickly and easily.  Americans make good decisions when they are given all the facts.

Many of our country’s problems are due to the fact that so many news outlets do not allow us to get the truth, and the lies distort our ability to make good decisions.

Americans, please let us know how we can improve our service to you, our subcribers/readers.

A war is going on for the heart and soul of America, and going along to get along is getting us nowhere.

Southern-Americans have to be focused on getting the information we need so we can all work together to make Alabama and America great.

Let’s Roll!

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