Scott discussing the issues with talk radio host Matt Murphy

While some politicians don’t want you to know their perspective on “all” the issues, they like to talk about their popular positions. Senator Beason has always been plain spoken and honest, even on the divisive issues of the day.  Refreshingly, he answers questions directly without trying to figure out your position first.  This section continues that tradition.  Scott believes we may not agree on every topic, but we all deserve to know where the candidates stand.  (Watch for more issues to be added over time.)


The repeal of Obamacare is probably the most important issue facing the country right now, not only because of its clear damage to families struggling to pay for healthcare, but its tentacles reach deep into the job market and the economy as a whole.  It is cutting people off from potential employment and driving up the national debt because of its direct and indirect cost.  We must deal with Obamacare so that our children will not face such a bleak financial future.

 Smaller Government

As a state legislator, Scott is well known for his efforts to reduce the size and scope of government. Whether serving as one of leaders in the effort to fight state tax increases within his party or sponsoring bills to stop Obamacare at the Alabama state line, Scott has always displayed the courage of his convictions to do the right thing — even when he had to fight the system to do it. As a U.S. Congressman, we can expect to see Scott leading the way to restore the Constitution, fight new government programs that only increase the role of Washington in our lives, repeal Obamacare, combat presidential abuses of power, balance the budget, and end the culture of pork-laden deficit spending.

Cleaning Up the Culture of Corruption in DC

While Scott has received national headlines for his role in cleaning up political corruption in Alabama, many of his opponents are seeking support from those in the DC Establishment that are undermining the effort to return power to the people. Scott is running to be a congressman that money can’t buy, and he will fight the special interests that seek to entice our leaders to represent the desires of those with the money to influence the process and not the people they were elected to serve. A strong believer in term limits, Scott will seek to restore government to the people and end the reign of big money, career politicians, and insider access.

Immigration Reform

Securing our border at a state level has been a focus of Scott’s recent legislative efforts, where he served as the key sponsor of America’s most comprehensive immigration law. HB-56 has earned significant national media attention and has been of great aid to law enforcement, significantly decreasing the amount of illegal immigrants in Alabama while helping to create more jobs and cutting costs for the tax-paying citizens of the state. As Establishment Republicans in Washington are seeking to join hands with Barack Obama to promote amnesty, we need strong leadership committed to upholding the rule of law.

Christian Values Under Attack

In his five-year reign in the White House, Barack Obama has done more to attack our values than any president in our history. With such hostility to Christianity and the values of our faith, we need leadership that will stand strong against this radical agenda. Throughout his time in the legislature, Scott Beason has been a relentless advocate for the unborn, a fearless spokesman for traditional marriage, and a staunch supporter of religious liberty. As our congressman, we can count on Scott Beason to oppose Barack Obama’s attacks on our most foundational beliefs which are the cornerstones of a free and prosperous society.

The Constitution

Scott Beason believes in small government held in check by the Constitution of the United States. Unfortunately, most in Washington treat this sacred document as a mere set of archaic “suggestions.” As we fight to preserve our freedoms, we need a leader who is committed to the vision of our Founders. Scott is committed to the Second Amendment, religious liberty, freedom of speech, and our right to live our life without being monitored by the NSA, facing inquisition from the IRS, or being subject to executive fiat from the White House.