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Here are some of those things we talked about on Scott Beason Radio recently.

April Marie Fogel – Thursday September 20, 2018 – of discusses Alabama’s open records law and how it is being abused.  See her article at

Bob Waldrep, of the Crosswinds Foundation,, was on the show discussing the challenges facing veterans dealing with unseen injuries and the suicide problem among vets.  Please visit their new website, for more information on available movies and other resources for veterans and their families.

Nicolas Briscoe was on the program discussing what is going on with the Catholic Church and how historic and detremental all of the goings are for the Church in general.  An article he wrote about the goings on is available here.  The Pope, The Church: The Story

Profiting from Security Clearances etc. –

Conspiracy Theory Thursday? – The Dead Journalist and the connection to Bill Clinton –

The pre-Trump article in the Atlantic about Brennan being dishonest,

Allyson Armistead Allred was in studio telling us the story behind the 2018 Eye Patch Challenge.  Learn more about it and help them raise money for research at