The Border and Children – from a listener

 Just like any other debate, there is the big picture and there are many small pictures, there is truth, and there is great hypocrisy and deceit. This debate has all of the above. First and foremost, God is in control. Joanna Goddard should stick to her “Cup of Jo.” Smile I’m not going to look to her for wisdom in the immigration debate. The organizations that she listed were radical left activist organizations…UN, ActBlue & ACLU… People can use Bible verses to “prove” anything they want. Those verses were given by God to His people and pertain to those foreigners that God was allowing to live within the borders of His people. We also know what the Bible teaches us about how to care for people. The radical organizations quoting those verses means nothing. It is pure manipulation and brainwashing. For example, the Palestinian people want peace, but the Arab nations and “Palestinian” leadership only use their people as pawns to try to take out Israel. The democrats have never wanted to solve the immigration problem. As is obvious when they had the presidency, the media, and both branches of Congress. They only use immigration as a way to GET VOTES and to try and stay in power and continue to enslave people and make them dependent on the government.
               There are two roles in play and both are God-ordained. The first is our government’s responsibility to regulate immigration to keep our country safe. People have immigrated for centuries to our country. We have immediate family who came legally. They came to assimilate and become citizens. The second role is what we do as Christians and citizens and you don’t need a lesson from me on Scripture. For years, our porous border and the politicians have allowed drug smugglers to poison our people with drugs and fund many terrible activities. Human trafficking is horrendous and children are being kidnapped, smuggled, and bought for trade. Recently a MS13 gang member tried to get into the country by procuring a child that wasn’t his. The point is, everything is bad about an open border, but let the democrats show people videos of children crying and all of a sudden a tiny distraction CREATED by the tremendous ILLEGAL immigration problem….becomes a decoy and gives the liberals another chance at successfully destroying the country. Let’s look at Planned Parenthood and the abortion mills. We don’t get to hear the cries of those children. Instead, our media shows us pictures of girls in a cage and then they shut up when they find that the picture was taken when Obama was in office.
               The only way to protect our citizens and others living within our borders as well as those who would desire to come to our country, is to SHUT DOWN the border to ILLEGAL immigration. Keep the drug smugglers out, cut back on human trafficking and kidnapping, deal a blow to MS13 and the other most notorious gangs… Push back on the democrat party that since carter has made us and the world around us much less safe and given us the radical clintons, pelosi, harry reid, schumer, obamas. None of these children would be travelling through the desert, getting raped and murdered if it wasn’t for democrat party lust for votes for years. Don’t let their diversions become a smoke screen hiding their hypocrisy and intentions. God blesses nations that honor Him. That requires truth and leadership.